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*Additional Charges (If Applicable)

If the dumpster's weight exceeds the included tons quoted in your rental, you will be billed for the additional weight at $110 dollars per ton. We pro-rate the cost per 1/10 ton.

After grace period a rental charge of $10 per day will be invoiced.

Massachusetts Dumpster Rental Ban items. The D.E.P. has banned the following items from landfills. If any waste ban items are placed in a dumpster rental, the following per item handling charges apply from oil transfers and recycling operations in the state of Massachusetts.

  • Air Conditioner-$35 each
  • Battery-$10 each
  • Mattress-$35 each
  • Monitor-$35 each
  • Propane Tank/Cylinder (Empty)-$15 each
  • Refrigerator, Freezer-$55 each
  • Television-$35 each
  • Tire-$15 each
  • Tractor/Truck Tire-$125 each
  • White Goods with Freon-$55 each
  • Bulky Items (sofa, large furniture, etc)-$55 each 
  • Extraordinary Items (boat, hot tub, etc)-CALL FOR PRICING
  • R/R Ties, Telephone Pole, Pressure Treated Wood-$150/Ton (3 ton minimum)

*Special Waste - $150.00/Ton With a 3 Ton Minimum
Items to include but not limited to the following Non-Recyclable Materials:

  • Ceiling Tile
  • Office Partition
  • Painted Concrete
  • Roofing Styrofoam Board
  • Rubber Roofing
  • Strapping & Manufacturing Residuals

We do not accept asbestos, paints, solvents, bulbs, light ballast, flammables, mercury, switches, closed drums, hazardous waste, and medical waste. Any prohibited item loaded into dumpsters will be returned and an additional $200 in rental charges will be added to the invoice.

Customers accept responsibilities for any damage that occurs while dumpster in their possession.

All dumpsters need to be level loaded to the height of the sides of dumpsters.

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